Cochon De Lait
(Pig Roast)
    On Saturday (April 21, 2001) Bill and Melissa had the 1st annual Stringer pig roast. The date may vary a little in the future, but the event turned out great, the weather was perfect, the food was perfect, and the turnout (even though, for various reasons, the date was changed a few times) was great. Bill and Melissa's home is perfect for having something like this, even if the weather wouldn't have been nice. Plenty of room inside and out. I think everyone had a great time, kids and all, or should have if they didn't. What follows are the pictures I took. Not sure if other pictures were taken. Will add if I get some, and I will get with Melissa to put names with people. I will split photo's into 2 sections. Pig and People. Just click on either to go to the photo page. Larry
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