2002 Louisiana Ren-Fest
For 6 weekends starting the first weekend of November, Hammond puts on its version of the Renaissance Festival. This is their 3 year and our second visit. We came 2 years ago and had a nice time. For those who have never been to one of these Ren-Fests the Louisiana festival is real nice. Its small, but has all the features of the bigger versions. 6 of us made this trip. Danny & Mary, Sheila, Liz, Lynn and I, and we met up with Carol and her family. Mary, Danny & I made the first trip. We had expected the festival to have gotten larger since the first time we came and it hadn't. We were also a little disappointed in the shows. They seem to have downgraded them a little. Being November, the weather can be a problem. For us it was chilly, breezy and a little damp from earlier rains. We spent 4 or 5 hours walking the circuit and made our nice time, as we always do.
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