Cracklin Festival
    On the second Tuesday of November every year, the Port Barre Lions Club puts on its annual Cracklin Festival. This year was the 15th annual and even during cold rainy weather the festival is very popular. This year we had perfect weather and we had our best festival to date. The arts & crafts, the food & drinks and of course the music, gets people coming back each day and each year. What follows are a few pictures I took. I had hoped to take alot more and better pictures, but we were so busy I didn't get a chance to roam around during the festival like I wanted to. Just click on the small photo for the full size.
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Last updated on: 3/3/2009
Ray, George, Ramon
Pat, Gussie
Biscuit, Gloria, Vicky, Audrey
Audrey, Kenneth
Ramon, Kevin, Biscuit, Harry
Rachel, Harry, Steve, Chris, Ramon, Kevin
Rachel, Chris
Larry, Pumpkin, Sue, Daniel
Chris, Ramon, Harry, Steve
Keith, Deanna
Bird, Bonnie
Joan, Queen, Biscuit, Christine
Rachel, Barbara
Joe & Betty